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 === How To Upload ===
You can upload files to this site via a simple HTTP POST, e.g. using curl:
curl -F "file=@/path/to/your/file.jpg" http://f.wummi.at/
On Windows, you can use ShareX and import this custom uploader.
On Android, you can use an app called Hupl.
Or simply choose a file and click "Upload" below:
(Hint: If you're lucky, your browser may support drag-and-drop onto the file 
selection input.)
 === File Sizes etc. ===
The maximum allowed file size is 200 MiB.
Files are kept for a minimum of 31, and a maximum of 180 Days.
How long a file is kept, depends on its size. Larger files are deleted earlier 
than small ones. This relation is non-linear and skewed in favour of small 
The exact formula for determining the maximum age for a file is:
 === Source ===
The PHP script used to provide this service is open source and available on 
 === Contact ===
If you want to report abuse of this service, or have any other inquiries, 
please write an email to files@wummi.at